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Levi's Hope Last Mile

Help us inspire HOPE to EVERY runner of this year's Fargo Marathon, Half Marathon, and 10K! We will be located right on the course at the point where all three races finish their respective last mile! We will have music pumping all morning long as we encourage & motivate everyone!

We look forward to seeing you there! 

Why: To encourage EVERY runner participating in the 10k, Half-Marathon, and Full Marathon. 

When: Saturday, May 20

Races start at 7:00 AM! The half marathon will go by around 7:20 - and we will set up after they have passed and will stay until the last one goes through! We suspect we'll start to see the 10k-ers around 8:00 AM

Where: Just south of Washington Elementary on 17th Ave N, slightly east of Broadway

SWAG: Anyone that joins us will get a sweet tee and socks for FREE!

Cost: $0.00. Free. Nothing. Just your time, smiles, and cheers!

No need to register, but feel free to hop over to FACEBOOK and let us know if you are planning on coming.

These were just production samples - Once we get the socks and shirts we'll put real photos on here :-)

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