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We should be used to change by now. We are used to life throwing us constant curveballs. However, those of you reading this might get dizzy if you are trying to keep up with us. We apologize for that. ;)

We had very serious intentions of breaking ground on May 1 to renovate our current home to meet Levi’s needs. We had a contractor lined up. We had plans drawn up. We had multiple lumber yards working on bids. Life changed. Instead of breaking ground on May 1, we hope to be closing on our new house (still in our beloved Cavalier). The bank couldn’t justify the amount of money that we would have needed to make our current house accessible for Levi, and we can’t blame them. We never would have been able to recoup the money that it would have required to make this house work. And even after all that money and work that would’ve been put into this house there still would’ve been areas that Levi would not have had access to. We were not okay with that. Levi’s life is going to be filled with “can’ts”. We want to make sure that our home is a “can-do” place for him. The home that we are buying fits that bill. With one lift (or elevator) Levi will have access to every square inch of that house. That means more to us than we could ever explain.

We are very excited about this move. We have loved this house for the year that we have called it home, but, if we are being honest, it holds some extremely painful memories. Memories that instantly bring tears to my eyes. The driveway where I collapsed after hearing the initial test results. The dining room where we realized Levi will never be able to feed himself. The living room where Kyle and I have had many tearful moments crying out to God in anger, fear, and sadness. The yard - a place that we will never get to see Levi run off with his brothers. The list goes on and on. We have lovingly re-named this home our place of transition. It is a place that will always hold a special place in our hearts. It is a place where we are leaving our broken dreams behind. We are going to start fresh with our new normal in a place where we can create new dreams for our family.

Next week we travel to Mayo Clinic for a series of heart tests, a sleep study, and a visit with Levi’s neurologist. We have been in contact with a couple of LCMD families that have started the bipap machine as young as the age of 2. Because of that, I am feeling very anxious about the results of his sleep study. We would appreciate your prayers as we travel next week - not only for Levi but also for James and Isaiah as they will stay here with some dear friends. James is excited about this “sleepover.” Isaiah, however, is much more sensitive and is very nervous about us leaving. Please pray for his little heart and mind - that God would give him peace while we are gone.

Our friends and family are hosting a benefit for Levi on May 16th up here in Cavalier. It will be an afternoon of fun for the whole family, and a chance for people to meet our precious boy that so many are praying for. If you would like to be involved somehow you can contact Kara Beattie ( or Kelsey Monson (


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